Royal Chitwan National Park in the central Terai lowlands and Bardia National Park in the western Terai provide some of the best wildlife and nature viewing places in Asia. Visit a wonderful world of lush sub-tropical jungles, tall elephant grass, lakes and rivers - home to some of the most endangered animals on earth, the elusive tiger and the prehistoric rhinoceros, including many species of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. Tour by elephant back, jeep and boat. Savor the forest and its unique sanctuary on a quite nature walk with a local guide. For the more serious bird watcher the Kosi Tapu Wildlife Park, in south-east Nepal, provide a unique venue for watching migratory waterfowl, waders and shore birds that congregate along the Kosi River from December to February every year. We have a choice of Jungle Lodges, Tented Camps and Guest Houses from where you can explore the Himalayan parks and its wildlife.

 Royal Chitwan National Park
Jungle Lodge, Tented Camp & Tharu Safari Resort.

Tiger Tops offers the most luxurious and quality accommodation and services in the whole of Chitwan National Park. Many rich and famous people who travel to Nepal visit this lodge and the fantastic part of the park. Located in a beautiful jungle setting well inside the park this pioneering operator maintains three distinct vacation facilities - Jungle Lodge, Tented Camp and Tharu Village Resort, all an experience on its own. Tour packages include all wildlife activities presented with style to nsure maximum guest satisfaction.

TIGER TOPS PACKAGE (3 days/2 nights):
(One night Jungle Lodge and one night Tented Camp)
Twin Share: US$ 590 pe person
Single Room/Tent: 810 per person
Additional Night:
Jungle Lodge: Twin - US$ 350 - Single 490 person/night.
Tented Camp: Twin - US$ 250 - Single 280 person/night.
Tharu Resort: Twin - US$ 200 - Single 210 person/night.
Transport Cost:
Private car: US$ 300 per car - round-trip (seats 3 pax).
Air Fare + transfers : US$ 300 per person round trip.
 Chitwan Jungle Lodge
Only the sounds of nature itself disturbs the peace of the forest - bird song, the rustle of deer in the bushes, the trumpeting of the elephant .... The Chitwan Jungle Lodge lies in the north-eastern boundary of the park on the banks of the Rapti river. Situated in forest setting in an area rich in the diverse ecology of this park, this unique wildlife resort presents the perfect jungle experience. A 3-day/2-night, all inclusive, package provide ample opportunities for viewing the nature and wildlife of the area. This resort, with its blend of traditional style and modern amenities, offers the best value for those looking for a high quality experience.
(Accommodation in Jungle Cabins with furniture, toilet/shower, all meals and all activities)
Twin Share: US$ 210 Per Person
Single Room: US$ 280 PerPperson
Additional Night
Twin Share: US$ 105 Per Person Per Night.
Single Room: US$140 Per Person Per Night.
Transport Cost:
A/C Tourist Bus + transfers: US$ 40 per person round trip
Non a/c Tourist Coach + Transfers: US$ 30 per person round trip.
Private car: US$ 150 per car - round-trip (seats 3 pax).
Air Fare + transfers : US$ 75 per person one way
Tourist is advised is not to carry any precious items while in tour.
Tourist can enroll his/her names for the tours by paying initial advance. The balance amount must reach Delhi Office at least 5 days before scheduled departure of the tour without waiting for reminder from our side. If the full amount is not paid in the time the company reserves the right to cancel the bookings with consequent loss of deposit and apply the cancellation charges.
Tourist travel at their own risk. Neither the tour operator nor their representative or staff accept any liability or responsibility for an kind of risk, theft, delay, damages, loss, injury, accident, death etc. during their tour howsoever it might have caused.
The operator has also right to cancel at any time any or all the tours announced without assigning any reason whatsoever. In such case the operator's responsibility will be only to refund the amount by such passengers, without any compensation whatsoever.
The hotels are subject to change without prior notice.
The seats in the bus are allotted on "first comr first serverd basis" at the time of booking of the tour.
If there is any loss or damage by any passengers to the property of the hotel, bus, tour, operator or any other concerned parties or person during the tour then such passengers have to compensate the concerned parties or person for the same immediately.
During sightseeing we will take the bus /car up to the point it is allowed or can be taken. There offer if any vehicle or other arrangements are to be made then the expenses should be paid by the passengers only.
Timings mentioned in the itinerary for the bus/car tour are only estimated time for the sake of knowledge. There are always chances of delay in arrival at the destination due to various reasons.
Refunds, if any, will be given after a periods of ten days from the date of claim. Refunds will be paid only by cheque and only against receipts.
Due to unavoidable circumstanmces, if there is aloes in the stay of hotel or sightseeing or missed then no refund will be granted to the passengers in this respect.
If any passengers decide to break their journey after commencement of the tour, they can do so, but no refund for the balance periods of the tour will be granted to them and their all onwards journey arrangements will be the sole responsibility of such passengers only.
All disputes /legal claims subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.
 Cancellation Rules
20 Days or More days before departure of Tour 10% on Full amount
10 days before departure tour 25% on full amount.
06 days before departure of tour 40% on full amount.
Within 04 days before departure of tour :No Refund.
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